Snuggles Early Learning Centre Glen Waverley

As your child embarks on their exciting and ever evolving learning journey with us, we aim to assist them to develop a high self confidence and esteem, whilst challenging their curiosity and creativity, in warm and safe surrounds.



At SNUGGLES Glen Waverley we take pride in our architecturally designed building that features natural light and allows us to bring the outside world into the room's every day.


Our programs

Our programs feature the National Quality Framework highlighting our pedagogical beliefs and preparedness to evolve with the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework, which will define and strengthen Curriculum from birth to school age and beyond.



Our children are so precious and it is within those first few years of life that they absorb all the stimulus around them and process it for future learning's.



It is with that belief that we support, challenge and extend the minds of children so as they explore and grow as they are ready to do so.


wings to soar

We, together with our families, nurture and support those wings that will allow your children to soar to the highest heights.