SNUGGLES Glen Waverley is an extension of your family and as such we aim to grow together with you as your family's needs change over time. We offer an environment that embraces ethnicity and celebrates diversity, providing an inclusive environment for all.

Qualified Educators

Our Highly Skilled and Qualified Educators are dedicated individuals who work collectively together as a collaborative team to meet the needs and wellbeing of all children.

Fostering individuality

Fostering individuality, harmonious friendships, interactive curiosities, pre literacy and numeracy skills, coordination, problem solving skills and independence, are key to child development, thus imperative in our everyday activities... whoever knew that playing with play dough could stimulate so many areas of learning!

Programs designed to reflect childrens interests

Whilst our programs are indeed play-based and designed to reflect the children's own interests, there is still much time spent ensuring we provide for the ever growing mind and body of your child.
The Centre has largely evolved with inherent foundations in the Italian based Reggio Emilia approach to education. The fundamental principles of Malaguzzi's approach are;


Children should have some control over the direction of their learning.


Children should learn through experiences such as touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing.


Children should be provided with endless opportunities to express themselves.


Children should be treated with the utmost respect.

The approach is based on respect for each child's abilities, and holistic child education, with all the people in each child's life working together, fostering and nurturing each child's learning journey.